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Commercial Auto Insurance Filings

What Are Commercial Auto Insurance Filings?

Your commercial auto insurance filing is an important document. It provides proof to the government that you have obtained liability insurance and/or cargo insurance with the minimum levels fulfilled, ensuring that your business has met its responsibility. The filing is the government’s way of guaranteeing that the public is protected against any accidents that occur while your vehicle is in operation, provided that you are legally responsible for them.

Since commercial vehicles are so large and heavy, they can cause extensive damage to other individuals, vehicles, and possessions that are impacted during the incident. Moreover, some commercial vehicles carry hazardous materials that are extremely dangerous, necessitating specialized coverage.

Types of Filings for Commercial Vehicles

The filing that you must complete depends upon the type of vehicle you own or drive and the state that you live and work in at the current time. More specifically, your filing depends upon each of the following factors:

  • The type of vehicle that you drive
  • The type of business that you operate
  • The type of cargo or passengers that you transport
  • The location of your travels

How Do I Obtain a Filing for my Vehicle?

Your insurer can assist you in arranging for the completion of your filing once you’ve completed your purchase. As soon as you handle the necessary details, your insurer can take care of completing the rest of the process. If you need more information, contact your insurer.

Who Needs to Submit a Filing?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides a valuable online resource that you can use to help you figure out whether or not you need to complete a filing as well as which type of filing you are responsible to submit to the government. Just visit the FMCSA’s website for its “Safety and Fitness Electronic Records.” Your federal and state financial responsibility depends upon several factors. It is up to you to discover which ones impact your business, so that you can take the proper steps to handle it.