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Driver Qualification – CDL Driving School


Getting into truck driving is easy. You do not need a degree or even a high school diploma. All that you need is a completion of a truck driving course and passing your CDL test at the DMV. You need to have no major violations, be able to pass a medical exam, a reading level and truck driving skills to pass the test.

It is a tough business to get into as usually truck driver may work 11 hours driving or even 14 hours if unloading the cargo as well. It requires a lot of physical strength. If you are a long haul driver that means you will probably spend quite a bit time away from home. GLG can point you to the right direction of getting your CDL exam passed. Don’t own your truck yet and need to pass the exam GLG can arrange your truck rental for the day of your exam and the insurance for the rental. One stop shop for all your trucking insurance needs.