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IRP and IFTA Registration Services

What is IRP and IFTA?

The International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) are federal programs to collect and distribute registration and fuel tax revenue between states and Canadian provinces.  The programs benefit carriers by consolidating licensing and reporting requirements through the home state.

Who is required to have IRP and IFTA?

All motor carriers crossing state lines are required to have IRP and IFTA account that are over 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight or have 3 or more axles on the power unit.

What is next once I have the IRP and IFTA accounts?

Once registered IRP you will receive your Apportioned License Plate from DMV for your power unit and an Apportioned Cab Card that lists the states/provinces you have registered your vehicle to have authorization to enter and operate. With IFTA, you will receive a set of your stickers for you truck(s) and an IFTA license to be kept in the cabin.

Why should I let GLG INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS setup my IRP and IFTA accounts?

IRP and IFTA application processes can be very confusing, complicated, and time consuming, if you have never completed one before.  We have specialists that have been setting up and completing hundreds of applications that will save you time and avoid your application being rejected because of common application errors.

The state’s registration fee for your apportioned plate will vary depending on your state, GVW and states you are going to deliver loads.  Typically the state fees for an 80,000 pound vehicle running all 48 states is between $1500 and $2000, but this could vary depending on your state.

GLG Insurance service is fee is $250 for processing your IRP and IFTA registration (excluding DMV fees outlined above which are state specific). If more than two units $ 25 for each additional unit.