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Condo Insurance

Whether you have an expensive home or not, you need to protect this asset against unexpected losses arising from natural disasters, manmade accidents, and lawsuits. Obviously, you have worked hard for what you have, and you would like to keep it. When the unexpected happens and you lose some or all of your home’s contents, having the means to replace them is important. This is true whether you own a single dwelling or a condominium unit. Today, you can obtain insurance coverage that protects your condo and your possessions within it.

What Is Condo Insurance?

Offering coverage that is quite similar to homeowner insurance, condo insurance protects your financial investment in the dwelling and its contents in the event of theft or accidental damage. The standard condo insurance policy includes three basic types of coverage – dwellings and structures, personal property/possessions, and personal liability.

Condo Insurance Protection for Dwellings and Structures

This aspect of your coverage provides financial protection against damage to the structure, existing wall-to-wall carpeting, and any built-in appliances. It would also cover any attached patios or detached gazebo, shed, or garage.

Condo Insurance Protection for Personal Property or Contents

This portion of your coverage provides protection for all of the contents of the condo and/or structures, including furniture, clothing, books, household items, and other types of personal property. Certain limitations are in existence for specific kinds of property such as electronics, jewelry, furs, artwork, firearms, and other types of collectibles. Of course, the protection is offered only when to the terms and limits as defined within your condo policy. It also covers the cost of possessions contained within other structures that are included in the policy (shed, patio, gazebo, and garage) within certain limits.

Condo Insurance Protection for Personal Liability

A necessary aspect of protecting your condo and personal possessions against loss due to a law suit, personal liability coverage is designed to compensate other individuals for any property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury for which you are held responsible by the insurance company or through legal means.

What Type of Umbrella Policies Are Available for Condo Insurance

Each of the following types of umbrella policies are available for added protection:

  • Dwelling/fire
  • Personal umbrella liability – higher limits
  • Medical
  • Flood
  • Water or sewer backup
  • Earthquake
  • Personal possessions – higher limits
  • Personal watercraft
  • Boat
  • Builder’s risk
  • Identity fraud

Types of Discounts Offered

Each of the following discounts is available when you obtain condo insurance:

  • Professional burglar alarm installation
  • Claim free over a certain number of years
  • Multiple insurance policies held with the same company
  • Interior water sprinkler installation