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Home Insurance

No matter what type of home you have, it is probably the most valuable asset that you own or will ever possess. You’ve obviously worked hard for it, and now is the time to protect what is yours. This means that you should obtain home insurance as soon as possible to safeguard what you have earned through your hard effort and savings.

What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance offers financial protection against many types of disasters. It protects your home and your belongings. Typically, the standard homeowner insurance policy offers three types of coverage – dwellings and structures, personal property or possessions, and personal liability.

Home Insurance Protection for Dwellings and Structures

Not only does homeowner insurance protect your primary building or home against financial loss due to damage, but it also covers additional structures on your property, such as detached garages, greenhouses, and sheds.

Home Insurance Protection for Personal Property

The entirety of your personal possessions contained within your home is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Certain exclusions do apply, and certain limits might be in place regarding specific types of personal property including jewelry, artwork, firearms, and electronics.

Home Insurance Protection for Personal Liability

This type of coverage protects you against the loss of your home and possessions in the event that someone decides to sue you for a situation in which you can be held liable. This includes circumstances in which someone is injured on your property or you or someone in your family damages the property of other people.

Types of Home Insurance That We Offer

No matter what type of home you own, home insurance coverage is available. However, it is necessary to obtain the proper type of coverage based upon the type of swelling that you have.

We offer each of the following types of home insurance:

  • Home
  • Renter
  • Condominium

We provide the following types of coverage for home insurance:

  • Dwelling/fire
  • Personal umbrella liability
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Personal possessions
  • Personal watercraft
  • Boat
  • Builder’s risk
  • Identity fraud
  • Scheduled property

Possible discounts available for home insurance when any of the following conditions exist:

  • Professional burglar alarm installation
  • Claim free over a certain number of years
  • Multiple insurance policies held with the same company
  • Interior water sprinkler installation

Finding the Best Home Insurance Coverage for Your Needs

Whether you are obtaining your first home insurance policy or you are switching in order to save money or get better coverage, we can assist you in finding the best possible insurance coverage for your home.

We help our customers determine which insurer can provide the best coverage for their needs. After all, you want an insurance company that understands just how important your home is for you. The insurers that we work with provide quality service, affordable pricing, and coverage that is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Let us help you protect your home and your possessions by helping you to find exceptional home insurance coverage that takes away the worry and stress of financial loss.